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General Pest Control

Our General Pest Control treatment covers all kinds of pests in one single service. We conduct a Gel and spray treatment and other pests to eliminate any kind of pest infestation in the house, kitchen, offices, godown, etc. During the process, you don’t need to empty your premises, because our team uses the latest technologies machine, and chemicals Which are safer for children and elder one. We uses odorless licensed chemicals which are not harmful for children, pets or your family members.

  • Gel and Liquid is used to eliminate the pests.

  • Also use spray to eliminate micro bacteria’s pests.

  • Our chemicals are safe for children and elders too.

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Termite Control

Our termite control services will help you to fight termite loss. We conduct post-construction termite treatment on existing buildings, individual flats, and homes during renovation and at the time of interior to protect the property against any form of termite infestation. During the termite treatment, we inject chemicals and gels into the walls and floor joints. We use high quality liquid termiticide and then seal it for future protection.

  • Remove termite from that areas.

  • Uses liquid termiticide and seal them for future security.

  • Our termite treatment services protects your furniture and your premises interior.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are high-risk pests to have in your home and business premises. A single cockroach is enough to make your whole family ill. Their food contaminating and destroying property cause serious threats to health, and cockroach infestations can be especially distressing. Cockroaches creep within corners and difficult spots inside buildings and lay siege, making it very difficult to get rid of them. They can only be removed by professional experts by using proper techniques and licensed chemicals.

  • Identify origin of the cockroaches.

  • Uses proper techniques and steps to kill them, and seal their origin.

  • We use proper chemicals and pesticides that will kill their origin, and will not newborn in future.

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Rats Control

Rats or mice cause a great deal of harm. As the teeth of rodents keep on developing over their lifetime, they need to chew on hard substances like lead and plastic lines, protection material and electric wiring. This propensity builds the gamble of short-circuits and fires. What’s more, they communicate various hazardous infections like Salmonella, Leptospirosis also, sickness, Tuberculosis and even tape worms. Rodents additionally present new nuisance like bugs, ticks, fleas and causes mental and monetary losses

  • Prevent pests from gaining access to a business property area by sealing areas and proofing buildings.

  • Stopping pest from spreading if they have gained access and removing food and harbourage.

  • Ensure that protection measure are working and that they continue to work even after control has been achived.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs are parasites that feed on our blood, resulting in extreme itching which can give us sleepless nights. They also attack furniture, beds, mattresses etc. and damage them. Their infestation begins generally in the bedrooms, spreading fast to other parts of the house. Having bedbugs in the house can be very risky for everyone especially children. We examine each and every nook and corner, especially places like beds, mattresses, pillows, linen, sofa chairs etc.

  • Remove and clean the place where bedbugs are.

  • Use proper pesticides and chemicals to remove the bedbugs and other bacterial infections.

  • We use government approved licensed chemicals that are safe and effective and act fast and provide instant relief.

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Ants Control

Insects are extraordinarily proficient and canny animals. However innocuous, they can be an irritation when they get into your home or business premises. Their complicated and helpful social orders permit them to survive and thrive in any condition. Their negative impacts of ants causes food poisoning, nasty bites. Having an ant infestation in business premises can be unsightly to customers. If you have food related business, compromised health and hygiene can lead to lost trading revenue.

  • Our team work on all species of ants.

  • Our expert field biologist understand your problems and provide you best solution.

  • We provide innovative and licensed pest controlling products.

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Lizard Control

Lizards are uninvited guests in our homes and they leave hazardous germs behind. Lizards has different species, not all bite, but some and they are very dangerous and causes serious injuries. They are another crawling insect after cockroaches. During their season they lays eggs in your premises and after few months adults pests grown up. Our team is experienced and are all well aware of the precautions to be taken during pest control treatment.

  • Lizards are attracted by mess and clutter at the house. Our team will clean and sorted then there are chances lizards won’t make your house.

  • Prevent pests from gaining access to a business property area by sealing areas and proofing buildings.

  • Use the proper pesticides and spray towards the lizards and ensure that they continue to work even after control has been achived.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes transmit many dangerous diseases when they bite and suck blood from Humans. As they move from one human to another, they transfer the diseases, making them extremely contagious. Malaria and Dengue are a few deadly dangerous diseases spread by mosquitoes, they just not only bite but also inject infections in your blood and cause illness. Our mosquito treatment service will help you to get rid of it by using proper chemicals for different stages of mosquitos and kill them.

  • We uses Larvicide treatment to control the eggs and larva of the mosquitoes.

  • Uses lambda-cyhalothrin and other chemicals for Pupa and adult mosquitoes.

  • Fogging is carried out in the outdoor areas for the effective control of adult mosquitoes.

  • Our unique chemicals spray stops the entry of new mosquitoes into the house or premises.

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Birds Control

We love to hear the sweet voice of birds trilling, watch their sensitive wings travel through the whiffs of outside air, feed them, or essentially appreciate their friendship. Be that as it may, just some of the time, when the worries about messiness and underlying damage start to influence our perspective, we will undoubtedly feel anxious and watch our genuine serenity get away. Truth be told, some bird species can for sure be viewed as a genuine irritation for premises. Other than inflicting damage, bug birds can spread different vermin borne sicknesses and posture wellbeing risks, as well.

  • First of all our team will understand your problems and examine your premises for possible solutions.

  • We provide high quality of net, that will work for decades.

  • Our bird control specialists or technician will give you advice on how to prevent any future pest bird problems.

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Sliding Pleated Mosquito Net

Almost all the disease comes from door and windows. If you apply proper action on that particular areas then, 90% problems will be solved. Our team understand your need and suggest you the different types of net that can can use any kind of surfaces and easy to clean. We developed different kinds of mosquito net such as Crease fit pleated mosquito net, insect screens with intelligent folding technology, Virgin Aluminum frames, Well wet powder coating, Vinyl coated polyester mesh, Sturdy Accessories, Machine folded net, Invisible mosquito net, Waterproof and Dust Resistance Anti microbial Coating, and Eco friendly materials Rapid Drying Technology. Which are unique and uniform even if the mesh slides in a zigzag position.

  • First of all our team will understand your problems and examine your premises for possible solutions.

  • We developed different kinds of mosquito net that will work longer for decades and protect your family from different kinds of pests.

  • Our latest technology net can be easy to clean and rapid drying technology.

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