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    Are pest control chemicals harmful to humans?2022-09-18T18:00:47+05:30

    Few chemicals which are not approved by the government are harmful to humans. It doesn’t mean to take it lightly. Keep it away from children and sunlight. Few humans may have allergy.

    Which pest control is best?2022-09-18T18:04:14+05:30

    General pest control is best because, in this service we inspect all your premises and uses quality technique and method to eliminate all kinds of pests.

    Do you have any monthly subscription?2022-09-18T18:10:49+05:30

    Yes, you can contact us for our monthly subscription.  We have some exclusive offers for long term deals.

    Do you have any other branch?2022-09-18T18:13:41+05:30

    We partnered with so many pest controlling services to provide you the best services.

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